Our accommodation will exceed your expectations

We offer accommodation in renovated flats that are up to standard of the Czech Republic.

Švihovská 12, Pilsen

We offer a possibility of accommodation in a newly renovated above-standard lodging house in Švihovská street in Pilsen.


  • Private rooms
  • Reconstructed appartment
  • Hot water
  • Shower
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Washing machine
  • Kitchen

Are you interested in a job or partnership with us?

Call the free telephone line 800 128 128

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

No it is not, accommodation fee varies from 100 to 150 CZK per night and it is taken from your salary

Some jobs require it, for some it is not necessary.

Yes we provide transportation to all job offers that are outside of Pilsen.

We pay advance payments every week.